​​​​Artwork Unique and Expressive

My passion is to empower you to discover your artistic moments.

The creativity involved in combining photography, watercolor, pastel, and ink provides many ways to accentuate the message or memory within a beautiful work of mixed media art. Owning such a creation will bring joy and memories to your daily life.

My process begins with the use of professional quality cameras and filters. I shoot in raw format, and maintain all of the negatives in organized databases. The application of creative methods begins during the image capture. Determining the desired values in an image is critical to the application of color theory.

Composition techniques are applied with careful consideration to the message I want to convey. The photographic image is arranged, cropped, and specially developed in a black and white format. Sometimes I combine portions of multiple photographs into a single image. Pigment ink is utilized in this process because it remains unchanged throughout the painting process.

Artistic development techniques are applied to reach the optimal amount of texture before the black and white base is printed on acid free archival quality fiber paper, soaked in water, and stretched on a board for painting. Pen and ink are often used to define individual details.

Watercolors generate a transparent glow, while pastels provide softness and add rich colors. When an opaque water medium is required, I utilize Gouache and Chinese paints. I believe that painting in multiple layers adds variety to the range of colors in my artwork.

This creative process results in a mixed media painting on fiber paper that unites the strengths of various mediums. Every mixed media painting is unique because it includes visually represented memories of what makes a person or place very special.

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