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Be Part of the Artistic Process

Would you like to experience the creative process? Be part of the artistic moments as your very own beautiful piece of art is created.

As a photographer and artist, I have the privilege of working with many inspiring mediums. I am thankful for the opportunity to utilize various combinations of artistic techniques. Accentuating the strengths of different mediums provides for greater freedom of expression.

Photography is a rewarding way to produce unique artwork. Various artistic techniques are combined to strengthen the shapes, textures, and colors within an image. Specific camera lenses and filters provide different ways to convey your uniquely selected message. The final image can be expressed on several exciting archival quality substrates such as canvas, glossy or fine art papers.

A mixed media creation combines the strength of multiple mediums. As described above photographs or portions of images can an exciting place to start a composition creating unique shapes, textures and values. Watercolors generate a transparent glow with unusual shapes. When an opaque water medium is required, I utilize Gouache and Chinese paints. These mediums add different colors and textures to the fiber paper. Pastels provide softness and add rich colors. Graphite and ink define individual details.

Technological developments in digital photography allow me to combine the strength of photographic form with the natural beauty of watercolor and pastel. If photographic images are part of our composition base, selected portions of photograph(s) are arranged, cropped, and primarily developed in a black and white format. Pigment ink is utilized because it is water fast and permanent. One of my favorite approaches begins with portions of photographs on fiber paper. Adding hand drawn individual details with ink highlighting the aspects that make a person or place special and personal. The painting process then provides the brilliant color from the transparent watercolors and the soft textures and gradients of the pastels.


An initial consultation defines the project, fees, and timeline. The artistic process begins with identifying the subject, the mediums, and the message to be conveyed. Descriptions are helpful in clarifying the characteristics that make an individual or place special to you. It is my belief that this step is essential to effectively communicating the message through visual media. Many options are discussed in the initial consultation regarding the size, hanging location, framing options, composition, and overall design, along with other planning details. Once we have established a working knowledge of the plans for the artwork, a photo shoot is scheduled and completed.

After the photo shoot images are developed, studies of the planned artwork are painted for review by those who are involved in the artistic experience. These studies are used at a design and composition meeting to make the final decisions on specific aspects of the artwork. The design and composition meeting ensures that the finished artwork matches your decisions and meets your expectations.

My goal is for you to enjoy participating in the creative process, and that the experience provides even greater satisfaction with your unique artwork.

Our Passion Is For You To Have Your Very Own Artistic Moments!

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